Best Bath Ever, Our Top Tips.

When you need to relax and destress a relaxing hot bath is what you need.  These are our top tips that can transform your bath from basic or bland to bliss and enchanting.

Dim The Lights, Light A Candle

It is widely known that candles and aromatherapy candles provide excellent relaxation benefits. 


At one point we thought the hotter the water the better but that's not the case.  Hot baths can toss your nervous system into haywire. This is especially important for pregnant women. Keep your baths to a maximum of 100 degrees, just barely above the body temperature.  Hot baths can energize you, however if you do feel sluggish after a hot bath, there are things you can do to avoid feeling like that. Keep your head cool by applying a cool towel over your face. Keep your hands, feet, and head, or all three cool. (Think cool towels ice cubes, fresh cool water, etc.)

Stay Hydrated

Your body will cool you off the best way it knows how, by sweating. You can lose many valuable fluids in the bath. Skip the tea, wine, coffee, and juice and help your body by drinking plenty of water before during and after the bath. If plain water is not your cup of tea try adding lemon or your favorite fruit. Infused water or detox water is delectable.

Deep Breathing

Conscious, deep breathing is always relaxing and embodying. Controlling your breath and light meditation at this time is ideal. Read more tips on Deep Breathing here.


Treat yourself to a massage. You can even give yourself a massage, by using a small ball or foam roller. These objects can aid you in applying pressure to all those trouble spots where tension builds. Take the opportunity to  wash with our Cream Cleanser and follow with Silk Body Polish to massage yourself into silk. You'll step out the bath looking and feeling like a goddess.