An Inside Look into Western & Rose Black Soap

Traditional raw African Black Soap is from Western Africa and does not look like regular bar soap. The texture of the soap should be soft and a bit crumbly and the color, size and shape may vary. As part of the process of creating ABS, plantain leaves are sun dried and then burned into ash. The longer the plantain is roasted, the darker the soap will be. The use of different oils in the recipe is common is varies by region.  The basic ingredients are Plantain skins, palm oil, palm kernel oil, Shea bark or nuts, aloe vera, cocoa pods, and water. While the basics of producing African Black Soap are mostly known, specific recipes are closely guarded.

Our African Black Soap has no added fragrance, dyes or preservatives.

Helps reduce scarring caused by acne and assist with alleviating redness. Acne is complex and there is no cure. This African Black Soap can be used in your regimen as a natural treatment for acne (in teens and adults).

Suitable for all skin types from the dry and rough, the oily, combination and “normal”. Black has been shown to be beneficial for reducing skin irritation associated with eczema and psoriasis.

Great makeup remover. Break downs even waterproof mascara and makeup setting sprays.

Keep in a cool dry place and never leave in water filled soap dish- it will dissolve in the water. (Or a soap dish that is constantly hit with water when water is running). This is a great practice for all your natural and bar soaps but especially our African Black Soap.

authentic african black soap