An Inside Look into Silk Body Polish

It might seem like an obvious benefit to mention but body polishes are a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells.  Silk Body Polish leaves skin smooth and supple, paving the way for new cells to be regenerated.

  • Use it one to two times a week depending on the condition of your skin and preference. This product is made out of a blend of Dendritic salt and our special coconut aloe blend.

  • For best results start with a warm shower with a body cleanser like our African Black Soap.

  • Apply the Silk Body Polish in a circular motion. It is very important to maintain a constant gentle pressure to much pressure can damage the skin. The circular motion is most effective as it helps to free ingrown hairs and is less abrasive.

  • A little goes a long way. Silk Body Polish will be solid at room temperature and a thick handful will be less effective. Instead try applying a small amount of salt at a time to entire body in sections. This product will begin to melt once in your hands, but don’t worry it will still exfoliate.

  • Rinse the salt off and you will be left with a smooth and silky glow.

  • Pat dry skin, for best results leave skin a little damp, apply Perfumed Dry Oil and allow for all the oils to absorb.

  • To finish lie in your robe or birthday suit and relax.

  • Boost up home pedicures by including Silk Body Polish, especially along the heels and ankles. The polish will help replenish some the lost moisture from beating we put on our feet daily. 

One of the biggest benefits to body scrubs, particularly salt based body polishes, is the glow that your skin is left with. So be sure to lock in that oil and glow.


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