Bath Tips for Expecting Mothers

Taking a relaxing bath is an amazing way to relax your body, reduce fatigue, and help ease your mind for a good night’s sleep. Creating eyes and toes can be a rewarding, yet exhausting job. So if you or a lady you love are expecting a precious bundle, here are some tips for bathing in bliss.

  • Water Temperature

It’s important to pay close attention to the temperature of your water when bathing in bliss. Water temperatures should be warm and\or just slightly above body temperature. You want to keep your water warm enough to be relaxing, but safe for you and your growing baby.


Bath Pillows

These little lifesavers are the type of thing you never knew you needed until you took the plunge. They are very affordable but you should still take you time picking one. Your bath pillow makes a crucial difference between an ordinary bath and bathing in bliss. You’ll want one that’s ergonomic to keep your neck from cramping up, easy to handle, suction cups to stay in place, easy to clean and fits your bathtub. One way to ruin the benefits of your bath is to strain your neck and back.  

If you opt to skip the bath and soak your ankles/feet. You should still include a pillow to relax on

  • Bath Mats

When preparing for your soak, be sure there is a bath mat on your tub floor. Bath mats provide both cushion and grip, both of which are very important during your soak. The ideal bath mat would be big enough to cover the center of your tub floor and should also have plastic grips at the bottom to ensure a good stick.

  • Hydration

Warm baths can be known to dry our bodies out a bit, so it’s always good to keep a bottle of water (spa, sparkling, or flavored) nearby. Hydration is important, so take a few sips throughout your soak.

It’s best to avoid scented products if your nose is sensitive or if you’re feeling a bit nauseous after your bath. Since expecting mothers are known to be more prone to UTI’s, it’s best to practice a regimen of scent and dye free products. Also remember, cotton is your friend; this age-old tip is tried and true and will aid you in your after-bath relaxation.

  • Timing

You only need to soak for an 15 - 25 minutes, max. Soaking can be relaxing while also reducing swelling in the limbs. We know the aromas of your bliss bath can tempt you to stay longer, but soaking for to long can be dangerous for you as well as your baby.

  • A Helping Hand

Have your partner massage your body sections with Silk Body Polish to exfoliate and leave you glowing even more. This is a great time to bond with your partner and get a massage as well.

Be sure to have your partner or a loved one assist you with getting out of the tub once you’re done enjoying your soak. Soaking can leave you a tad bit loose-limbed, so a helping hand can be good to offer a bit more balance as you make your exit. 

Happy Soaking!