Because You Matter

We get it. Life for the millennial woman can at times be overwhelming and hectic. Far too often we forget to put ourselves first and self-care takes a back seat to work, motherhood and other pressing obligations. While there is no doubt that we are all super women, there is no denying that we benefit from a daily-recharge to remind us of our beautiful essence.


We Are Western & Rose

And we’re dedicated to giving you a blissful bath and skin care experience. Like you, we love all of the pretty things and there’s nothing that can compare to the sensual experience, that washing away the day that bathing brings.

That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to cultivate one-of –a-kind products that soothe your body and put your mind at ease.


A Hidden Gem

Honestly, Western & Rose almost never saw the light of day (eek!).

Why? Well, there’s a massive amount of research and development that goes into creating products that are not only safe but good for your body. We wanted to go beyond providing crèmes, soaks and oils that simply smelled good…we wanted to reward your mind, body and soul. Ladies, that is no easy task.

However, the ups and downs of day-to-day life began to take a toll and forced us back into the lab to continue creating products that ease the stress and provide an in-house pampering experience.


Are you ready for a luxurious bathing experience?

Well look no further, Western & Rose will have you bathing in bliss.


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