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Bathe In Bliss



Bathe In Bliss




Quite frankly, you’re just like the beautiful rose. Desired, beautiful, vibrant and gentle. Life can at times beat up on us and make us feel tired and resistant. We can easily forget to fuel ourselves with the things that make us feel good and center our sensual side. That’s why Western &Rose was specifically created with you in mind. Each of our hand-crafted products create a luxurious experience that restores your tranquility and reminds you of the beautiful woman you are inside and out.

Who doesn’t love roses? They’re undeniably beautiful and fragrant and chances are they’re guaranteed to be on the top ten list of flowers people love. Despite the stunning beauty, multiple meanings and vibrant shades of color, roses aren’t easy to get your hands on. Literally. Roses come with thorns and they always have to be handled with care.

Treat Yourself


Quality Is Queen

We’ve invested time and detail to bringing you an unforgettable bathing experience. Each of our clean and refreshing products promises to set your mind at ease. How? Quite simple, we use only the best ingredients for you. We’ve taken time to research and perfect each product and we’re confident that you’ll feel the difference with Western & Rose.


Take The Time To Bathe The Day Away


Bathe In Bliss

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